Général de 2006 à 2011, élu à l’âge de 61 ans.


Nationalité : GB


Signes particuliers : Shaw Clifton a étudié le droit, l’éthique et la théologie. Le couple Clifton a servi dans 5 continents dont en République Islamique du Pakistan (1997 à 2002). 


Nom et prénom de l’épouse :  ASHMAN Helen (née en 1948, décédé en 2011), institutrice. Mariage en1967.

Contribution particulière : Innovative Programme zur Unterstützung  der Opfe r des Menschenhandels.Contribution particulière : programmes innovateurs de soutien pour les victimes du traffic humain.


Shaw Clifton à propos des relations inter-religieuses :

“Relation to other faiths : My experience of living for nearly five years in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is that a devout Moslem life is an impressive thing. Also that, as a Christian, if you want to win the respect of a Moslem, you must be rigorously Christian, never apologetic or watering down your faith. Your Moslem counterpart will expect you to know your holy book, just like he knows his Koran, and he will also expect you to take your prayer life seriously, just like he does with great discipline and regularity.The extremism that we see coming out of some parts of the Moslem world is, of course, not the true face of Islam, anymore than violence perpetrated in the name of Christianity is the true face of Christianity. Those who are true Christian believers know very well that violence is evil, and has no place amongst us. Part of the difficulty these days is that the Moslem world gets confused between what is western and what is Christian, and they seem to see these as co-terms. So, there’s a job there to unravel what is western and what is Christian and let the Gospel be seen in its simple purity, with the emphasis on a loving God who has a heart for the lost and gives himself for our salvation.Islam needs to be understood, just like post modernism needs to be understood. I often recall the wise instruction of General William Booth whenever a Salvationist seeks to interact with a person of another faith: never ever offer critical comment upon the faith of the other, but be ready with quiet poise to explain the hope that lies within your own heart as a disciple of Jesus Christ. I think that is still good advice. It leads to a good conversation and results in mutual respect, and the conversation can plant a seed.We ought not to approach members of other world faiths with a crusading or proselytizing spirit; we long for all persons to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord, but there is a place for wisdom and respect, while still entertaining that hope. I think there’s a place for fostering good friendship between Christians and Moslems and Hindus, and Jews. Recently, I had an opportunity to speak at the Westminster Central Hall in London to an organization called the Three Faiths Forum, which seeks to foster relationships between Christians, Jews and Moslems. I was very graciously received there, and my short paper was well received, and there was a good, robust, rigorous question and answer session afterwards. That kind of setting is a good one, where the Army is perceived as being perhaps a bridge-builder across the divide between some of these groups. I was pleased to have that opportunity."

From “Selected writings“ – Volume 2 (2000 – 2010 / p. 58-59)


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Une foi en action

"Toutes les grandes choses accomplies par les hommes sont, d'abord, des idéaux. Ils conçoivent quelque chose en imagination, ils voient ce qui devrait être fait, comment on pourrait y parvenir, ils brûlent de le voir fait, et se vouent totalement à ce projet.

Ils disent : Ce sera fait, et je e ferai si c'est possible".

William Booth, Fondateur de l'Armée du Salut

(Extrait d'un article "Mission, mouvement ou machine ?",

L'Officier 4 /1996)